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Workforce Development
Training Series

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The Next Decade:
How to be a Preferred Employer 

and Thrive! - POSTPONED!

Speakers: Mike Henke,

The workforce crisis is not going away, but there are solutions that can improve attraction and retention, develop the next wave of leaders, and ensure your organization has the talent to thrive.  Hear how any business, large or small, and any industry, can connect to what employees will be looking for!

Mike Henke is a national speaker from Nebraska that grew up in Minnesota and has spent time in the Fergus Falls area and understands it's appeal. Mike has a passion for building strong teams, and has innovative solutions to create a positive, winning workplace sulture.  How to create teamwork and keep everyone happy is a moving target, but Mike continues to develop timely answers to insure that you are the "cool place to work".

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