Greater Fergus Falls Welcomes Toast to Downtown Fergus Falls

At Greater Fergus Falls, we’re always rooting for our business community. Watching local businesses grow and thrive is always a cause for celebration — and when business owners bring new and exciting ideas to the Fergus Falls area, well, all the better!

Today, we’re sharing the details about an inspiring new restaurant opening downtown this spring. Keep reading to learn more about Toast and how it celebrates many of the things that make Fergus Falls a great place to explore.

Creating a Legacy

Whether you live in the Fergus Falls region or visit the area frequently, you’re likely familiar with Union Pizza & Brewing Co. The restaurant is owned and operated by Mayor Ben Schierer and his wife, Tessa. Ben also serves on the Greater Fergus Falls Board of Directors.

While Union Pizza & Brewing Co. has been a Fergus Falls staple since 2015, the original concept was a bit different than the brick-and-mortar location the community knows and loves.

“I had thought about opening a food truck with a wood fire pizza oven, and I’d written a business plan for that,” Ben recalls. “Around that same time, a friend of mine was doing some home-brewing at a time when the micro and craft beer scene was still up and coming in Minnesota … and I wrote a business plan for that too.”

The more the Schierers thought about it, the more they liked the idea. It wasn’t until a friend mentioned that the space Union Pizza & Brewing Co. now occupies became available that things really fell into place. “It was kind of meant to be, so we went forward with it in the summer of 2014. The next thing you know, we opened the doors the following March.”

Union Pizza & Brewing Co. has been a community favorite ever since. Now, the Schierers are adding a new restaurant to their portfolio. The duo has been hard at work getting ready for the opening of Toast, which will serve breakfast, lunch, and coffee.

Toast of the Town

Though a second restaurant was never in their plans, Tessa always liked the idea of a restaurant centered around toast, which is her favorite food. “You can just do so many things with it. It’s like a blank canvas for a lot of ideas,” she explains.